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CCS – health & hygiene ConsultantSHIP: Adapting to COVID-19 circumstances

International public health experts agree on one fact: COVID-19 will not disappear in the very near future. Instead, there is a need that we learn to live with the permanent potential threat and adjust our habits.

To adapt to these highly vibrant environment, COLUMBIA Cruise Services (CCS) has founded a Health and Hygiene Consultancy Project Team with a unique set of experts in the fields of public health, hotel services and technical operations, developing a tailor-made Health and Hygiene Program – for full management cruise operations and shore-based hotels.

Our consultancy program offers the following catalogue of services to suit your individual business needs, clientele, budgets and health & hygiene goals:

·       Resuming services assessments and planning – including up-to-date information and procedures in line with all major public health guidance (WHO, CDC, ECDC, CLIA, etc.) as applicable to business practices;

·       Business continuity planning – including risk management prior to an outbreak, support in the event of an outbreak and support in returning to operations after an outbreak;

·       Outbreak management planning – including company and guest prevention plans and state-of-the-art outbreak management plans.

We look forward to helping you enhance a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and guests!

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