More than regular cruise services

More than regular
cruise services

Specific know-how and extensive experience

Since 1985 COLUMBIA has been providing management services to some of the most renowned passenger vessels around the world. CCS specializes in the full management of cruise and expedition passenger vessels. Operating out of Hamburg and Limassol, CCS provides a full range of services tailored to the precise needs of our clients.

  • Solely lives…

    of a fixed management fee

  • Ensures…

    a reliable financial base, by preparing OPEX (OPerational EXpenditure) budgets in line with clients‘ financial year

  • Charges…

    any OPEX at cost to the client (without surcharges)

  • Solely generates…

    revenue for the benefit of the client (no deductions)

  • Operates fully transparent

    Actual/budget comparisons can be viewed „live“ at any given time via our tailor-made Client Portal

A Customizable range of ship management services

Following a modular approach, clients can choose the desired range of operational services which suits their individual set-up best, from partial – all the way to Full Management.



Ship Management Services


Marine & Port

Your values are our values

Designated CCS personnel become your experts in the background:

In-depth product know-how

about your company, offered services & clientele needs throughout our departments

Cruise industry experts

being highly aware of the special needs of luxury, expedition, cruise vessels and their passengers

Providing technical expertise know-how

about the vessel to optimize the overall vessel performance, efficiency and effectiveness


We provide state of the art services according to our management system ensuring 100% compliance with International Rules and Regulation as well as best practice Environmental and ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 45001).


Dedicated to cruise vessel management in the markets of expedition, luxury and classic cruising, we are operating cruise and expedition vessels on a world-wide trade basis. We offer the full range of ship management services including technical management, marine & port operations, and crew and hotel services covering a passenger capacity range from 155 up to 2.200.