Your vision - our solutions

Your vision -
our solutions

You have a unique product idea and need branch experts to conduct an operational due diligence? You plan a major upgrade of your cruise vessel and need a reliable partner by your side? You want to resume service in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and require public health experts to build your individual COVID-19 prevention plan?

Dry Dockings

The successful coordination, management and reporting of dry docking is a complex process. CCS offers a specialized team of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects to supervise dry dockings in shipyards around the world.

Newbuilding Supervision

Over the last 35 years, COLUMBIA has provided new building supervision services for more than 260 vessels in more than 35 shipyards worldwide.

COLUMBIA Cruise Services offers below services for new builds.

Refits and Conversions

Overhauling means making something good, even better, and every vessel requires maintenance from time to time. No matter what, to reach the highest cruise industry standards, simply replacing parts, or giving the vessel a new inside appearance to enhance the guest experience, our priority is to find the most cost efficient solution for you. No matter if you intend to upgrade the galley or to optimize the bar or the restaurant, our experienced team is at your service in order to exceed your expectations.

Vessel Inspection

We offer cost-effective solutions for independent Vessel Condition Inspections, Pre-purchase Vessel Inspections and Lay-up Services. CCS also assists with monitoring the overall maintenance and condition of vessels on bareboat charterer arrangements through our experienced Superintendents. These services ensure the preservation of our clients’ asset values and enhances the future marketability of your vessels.

Pre-purchase Vessel Inspections and Independent Condition Inspections

You are interested in expanding your fleet and would like to have an expert opinion on the vessel’s operational status and life span? CCS has significant experience with sale and purchase transactions, including pre-purchase inspections on behalf of buyers. Our expertise in this field assists buyers in making qualified investment decisions through reliable vessel information contained in detailed pre-purchase inspection reports.

Lay-up Services

CCS can assist with all types of vessel lay-up operations, ranging from short to long-term lay-ups (hot or cold). Assistance is provided in identifying and securing suitable locations, while ensuring the safety of crew and the vessel at minimum cost and maintenance to the owner. Reactivation of laid up vessels can be provided, as required.

Hotel Product Consultancy

There are so many things that must be considered when running cruise vessels and there is always room for some extra support and supervision. Clients will benefit from our specialized knowledge in consulting projects. Do you want to minimize your costs or optimize your workflows? Our team of experts will support you in consistent hotel procedures, cost optimization and increasing guest satisfaction by improving operational procedures.

Health & Hygiene Consultancy

Health & Hygiene Consultancy

Helping your vessels to remain healthy and safe!

The COLUMBIA Cruise Service’s Health and Hygiene team provides ongoing review and assistance to our current clients in the areas of: 

  • Outbreak prevention and response
  • Food safety
  • Water safety
  • Housekeeping and facilities

With experts in the field of Public Health, Food and Beverage Management and Hotel Management, the CCS Health and Hygiene Team ensures our clients and their products stay up-to-date with the latest international health and hygiene regulations including, but not limited to, the World Health Organization, SHIPSAN, and the U.S. Vessel Sanitation Program. 

The team provides a continual review of all practices and procedures that occur on board and ensures they are kept to the highest standards of health and hygiene. In addition, we provide expert support in preventing outbreaks on board and managing an outbreak, should one occur.


Health and hygiene services for all – a tailor-made approach for businesses ashore and at sea

Does your current business’s health and hygiene plan provide a comprehensive and robust approach to outbreak prevention and response, food safety, water safety and housekeeping? In addition to providing the above services to our fully managed vessels, the CCS Health and Hygiene team provides the follow consultancy services to businesses ashore and at sea:

  • Health and Hygiene audits in accordance with all major public health guidelines (WHO, CDC, ECDC, SHIPSAN and the U.S. Vessel Sanitation Program)
  • Business continuity planning in the event of an outbreak of major public health concern (e.g. COVID-19), which includes in-depth risk assessments and assistance in creating standard operating procedures that encompass all relevant public health guidelines as needed for the safe continuation of your business practices
  • Outbreak prevention and management planning that includes state-of-the-art prevention plans for offices and vessels (including current staff/crew and visitors or guests, as necessary)

Covid-19 Prevention Measures

CCS has created a sophisticated COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan that aims to not only keep your vessels free of COVID-19, but also provide guidance to teams on board in the unlikely event of an outbreak. The COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan draws guidance from all international regulations and guidelines including, but not limited to, Cruise Lines International, EU Healthy Gateways, UK Chamber of Shipping, the Healthy Sail Panel, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Our COVID-19 prevention plans have already been implemented on board trading vessels and have been approved for use by leading public health regulatory bodies.

Our plans cover the following aspects of prevention and management:

Insurance & Claims Services

COLUMBIA, through its in-house expertise and partners, offer a variety of very competitive and wider term insurance covers from reputable insurers worldwide to suit every client’s specific operational needs. Claims can range from relatively minor crew sickness cases, costing just a few hundred dollars to expensive and complex cases involving major damage to ships or other property and/or injury and loss of life, which may amount to millions of dollars and affect the cost rating of future insurances and thus your profitability. COLUMBIA is dedicated to dealing with such matters with our clients’ interests at heart.

By utilizing Columbia’s Insurance & Claims Services, clients achieve the following:


Claims Services



We provide state of the art services according to our management system ensuring 100% compliance with International Rules and Regulation as well as best practice Environmental and ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 45001).


Dedicated to cruise vessel management in the markets of expedition, luxury and classic cruising, we are operating cruise and expedition vessels on a world-wide trade basis. We offer the full range of ship management services including technical management, marine & port operations, and crew and hotel services covering a passenger capacity range from 155 up to 2.200.