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Celebrating Women In The Cruise Ship Industry On International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March, cruise ship management experts COLUMBIA cruise services felt it was the perfect time to shine a spotlight on women in the cruise ship industry. Women play various important roles in leading the cruise ship industry, contributing to its success and growth. In this blog, we explore the many roles women play in the industry and ways to celebrate that contribution.

Leading roles

  • Captain: Although still relatively rare, there are women who have risen to the rank of Captain in the cruise ship industry. Captains are responsible for the overall operation and safety of the vessel, including navigation, crew management, and passenger safety.
  • Executive Leadership: Women hold executive leadership positions within cruise ship companies, such as CEOs, presidents, or vice presidents. They oversee strategic planning, business development, operations, and other key aspects of the company.
  • Hotel Directors: Women often serve as hotel directors onboard cruise ships, overseeing guest services, accommodations, dining, and entertainment. They ensure that passengers have a memorable and enjoyable experience during their cruise.
  • Entertainment Directors: Women may lead entertainment departments onboard cruise ships, coordinating performances, activities, and events to entertain passengers throughout their journey.
  • Human Resources Managers: Women work in Human Resources roles within cruise ship companies, managing recruitment, training, and employee relations to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Environmental Officers: With a growing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility in the cruise industry, women hold roles as environmental officers, overseeing initiatives to minimise the environmental impact of cruise ship operations.
  • Safety Officers: Women work as safety officers onboard cruise ships, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, conducting drills and training sessions, and promoting a culture of safety amongst crew members and passengers.

Celebrating Women’s Contributions

There are numerous ways to celebrate women’s achievements within the cruise ship industry on International Women’s Day and throughout the year.

  • Recognition Awards: Recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in leadership positions within the cruise ship industry by presenting awards or certificates of appreciation.
  • Panel Discussions or Workshops: Organise panel discussions or workshops featuring successful women in the cruise ship industry, where they can share their experiences, insights, and advice with others.
  • Networking Events: Host networking events that bring together women working in various roles within the cruise ship industry, providing opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and professional development.
  • Educational Programmes: Offer educational programmes or training sessions focused on empowering women in the cruise ship industry, such as leadership development, career advancement, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Community Service Projects: Organise community service projects or volunteer opportunities that support and empower women in local communities where cruise ships operate.
  • Employee Appreciation Events: Host special events or activities for female employees working onboard cruise ships to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Shining A Spotlight

As a case study of a leading woman in the cruise ship industry, we didn’t need to look any further than within our own organisation. Julia Siebert, COLUMBIA blue’s Chief Operating Officer, recently achieved a special mention in All About Shipping’s ‘Top 100 Women’. With a passion and commitment to excellence, Julia’s career has been dedicated to the maritime and cruise industries. She approaches her role as an opportunity to lead a team that is setting new standards in performance efficiency, state-of-the-art technology, sustainability, and customised service delivery at sea. Julia’s maritime leisure expertise defines her as a leading woman in the shipping industry. She is particularly committed to creating a sustainable future for shipping by supporting company initiatives and industry-wide efforts to operate in a way that protects the sea as a captivating environment of profound beauty and thriving marine life. Three cheers to Julia!

By recognising and celebrating the contributions of women in the cruise ship industry on International Women’s Day, we can promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion within the industry and inspire future generations of female leaders.